Recipe mummy sausages Halloween

We're at nearly at the scariest day of the year, Halloween. And we want to share this special scary recipe with you to celebrate it shhhhhhhhhhhhhh
recipe halloween sausages
To make our sausages mummies need the following ingredients:
-        Shortbread pastry (You can make it by hand or you can buy in the supermarket, whatever you want!)
-        Frankfurt Sausages (little ones are best)
-        And Ketchup for mummies’ eyes.
1st Step
Spread the pastry on a little flour to prevent sticking to the table, and cut it into thin strips.
First Step
2nd Step
With the pastry cut, just wrap a strip around each sausage, but do not forget to leave a hole for the face!
Second Step
3rd Step
Baking! While we do steps 1 and 2 we can preheat the oven. Then we’ll put the sausages in the oven for 15 min at 180ºC and ready!
third step
Once you take them out, use ketchup and dot on two eyes ;). Then they are ready to serve at your super Halloween party. Do you dare?