Road testing the Aqua Dragons with Cait

Cait has road tested our Aqua Dragons and here is hew write up:

I have to say, when these came out of the box, I was a little too excited… But, you know who was more excited? My mom. She said she had always wanted some!’

What are Aqua Dragons?


Aquatic creatures which you will bring to life, hatching them out of their hibernated egg state by putting them in water. Care for them and watch them eat, grow, swim, play and reproduce.

I had always been sort of fascinated by these little creatures. My cousins always had a little aquarium with them, and they loved to watch them grow and reproduce. It’s really neat watching something hatch out of little tiny eggs and then see grow and have babies again.


These Aqua Dragons are super easy to take care of, you only need to feed them every 3-4 days, which is great for people like who who forgot to feed regular fish every day.

I was sent two different aquariums to review, The Aqua Dragons Deluxe Deep Sea Habitat, Which my mom claimed immediately upon arrival, and the Aqua Dragons Jurassic Eggspedition. I picked the Jurassic one right away, because dinosaurs are awesome. They took very little time to set up.

Honestly, these would be a perfect first “pet”. It would teach small children the responsibility of caring for pets and animals before you go out and get something that is higher maintenance. My nephews thought they were cool just because they were called dragons! how many kids do you know that have pet Dragons?


Each kit comes with enough food for a very long time, and food scoop and a way to aerate the water so they can have oxygen. Plus the aquariums are tiny and can fit almost anywhere, which makes these great if you live in an apartment.


I love Aqua Dragons!

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