aqua dragons

  • Aqua Dragons by World Alive SL Releases New Animated Video Celebrating 10 Years of Aquatic Pet Love

    Aqua Dragons by World Alive SL is excited to announce the release of their new animated video, a celebration of 10 years of Aqua Dragons and the love that families have shown for these unique and educational pets. The video features a catchy song and animation, created by @dakotasheperd and @hopscotch, that will engage and educate kids about the life cycle of Aqua Dragons.

  • Brainstorm celebrates Aqua Dragons 10th anniversary

    Brainstorm will be showing Aqua Dragons at the London Toy Fair and celebrating its 10th year of handling the brand in the UK and Ireland.

  • #AquaDragonsChallenge launched to raise spirits this Winter

    The #AquaDragonsChallenge hashtag already has 40 million views on TikTok and is also trending on Instagram and YouTube as Aqua Dragons owners compete to make funny and creative videos of their tiny pets. 


    The viral popularity of Aqua Dragons is part of a larger trend for toys with an education focus that can be enjoyed at home. The Covid-19 pandemic is reshaping how kids play and screen-free, interactive toys like Aqua Dragons are in high demand. 

  • Celebrate World Book Day with Aqua Dragons

    Presenting the new Aqua Dragons interactive ebooks!  We´re very excited to celebrate World Book Day 2016 by launching our interactive ebooks. You can buy them on Amazon and enjoy them everywhere. Delve in the fascinating underwater world of the Aqua Dragons and join in on their fun adventures...
  • Ya estamos a las puertas del día más terrorífico del año, y para celebrarlo como se merece hemos pensado en chivarte esta receta especial para Halloween pero shhhhhhhhh   Para hacer nuestras salchichas momias necesitaremos los siguientes ingredientes: Masa quebrada salada (quién quiera puede ha...