About Us


World Alive is a dynamic and experienced company specialised in unique toys and childrens products, with sustainability in mind. Our products support the safety, education and wellbeing of children all over the world. But most of all they’re FUN!

Our best-known brand is the world-famous Aqua Dragons - a unique concept which allows children to hatch and grow their own live aquatic pets from a sachet of the hibernating eggs of the mysterious Artemia Salina. This amazing innovation has given millions of children the experience of taking responsibility for a living being while learning about their amazing life cycle. The team at World Alive has continued to innovate this popular educational product - even sending Aqua Dragons eggs into space! We’ve won multiple awards and, through our distribution partners, sold millions of units in over 40 countries.

World Alive’s yoga and mindfulness project is Soul Mates which aims to be an antidote to the overuse of screens by young children. Soul Mates yoga mats and mindfulness pillows have taken traditional wellness practices and presented them as super powers via fun characters so it’s fun for young children to learn and experiment.

The newest additions to our line of innovative toys - Freak Marbles. These exciting new products are designed to spark creativity, inspire imagination, and provide endless hours of fun. Freak Marbles are a unique twist and innovation on the classic marble game. Kids and marble enthusiasts of all ages will play, trade and display collectable characterised marbles with colourful and eye-catching designs. Our mission once again is to activate kids into physical play and also increase their motor skills, strategy and negotiation skills. Freak Marbles are making marbles the cool collectible trend, take them to school.

Coming soon! Kamikaze Racers are high-performance sleek designed, pull back stunt cars, with only two wheels and a ball-bearing engine. These cars can spin on the spot or charge them to see them race forward and even correct their course if the hit an obstacle. They’re the ultimate object of desire for and car collector!

As well as our innovative, original products, World Alive has extensive experience in legal compliance, international distribution and partnerships, reliable logistics, professional and ecological packaging, production materials and processes, and a well-earned reputation for outstanding personal service from our small and dedicated team.

Our organisations values are:

Quality, educational value, good service, sustainability, ethical manufacturing and integrity across our organisation. Our products are safe, complaint, age appropriate, and non gendered. We support diversity and we are an equal opportunity workplace. World Alive supports womens and childrens charities.

If you would like to join in our success and collaborate with us, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by email or phone here: Contact us.