World Alive is a young brand taking the Toy and Pet sectors by storm. We are innovators, designers, developers of a number of educational childrens brands but most famous for a unique concept of creating the amazing experience of hatching and growing your very own live pets called Aqua Dragons, from the contents of a sachet of hibernating crustacean eggs. It's so mysterious and bizarre but true!

From the moment we started working with these tiny unique creatures, we felt and still feel, that they are one of the all time best toys and pets ever, and we have been putting our heart, soul and creative minds into innovating this concept for curios minded children and animal lovers everywhere.

Our products help children learn important values like caring for a living being, being responsible by remembering to feed and care for them, and treating live animals with respect. The project of hatching and growing your own live pets is also highly educational in terms of science, anatomy, biology, marine biology and even history and geography where our activity and instruction booklet covers all these areas in an enjoyable easy to read way.

Since then Aqua Dragons launched, we have reached distribution in over 40 countries and sold over two million units. Aqua Dragons is developed and manufactured by us at World Alive, an dynamic young company with a great reputation for innovative products that win awards, top level packaging design, great marketing, excellent quality products, total legal and safety compliance, delivery on promises and overall a great personal service where our small team will look after you.

If you are interested in joining in on the success of the World Alive brands, as an importer, wholesaler, retailer or any other collaboration that may have occurred to you, then please contact us!

For information about our distributors, please contact us and let us know which country you are in and which brand you would like information on.


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