Soul Mates Kids Yoga Presents: Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions at LA Fall Previews

Soul Mates Kids Yoga is thrilled to announce a unique yoga and mindfulness event as part of the LA Fall Previews trade show.

This daily event, sponsored by World Alive S.L, will take place at the Sonesta Select LAX Hotel from 7am to 8am, 18th-22nd September, offering participants an opportunity to experience the magic of yoga and mindfulness, led by the renowned yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Kat Shaw.

About Soul Mates Kids Yoga:
Soul Mates Kids Yoga is a brand dedicated to activating the body and calming the mind through the power of yoga and mindfulness. Developed by Kat Shaw and Amy Holden, the creators of the award-winning MESH Soul Mates yoga program, Soul Mates Kids Yoga offers an innovative approach to engaging young minds in holistic practices. The brand's mission is to empower children with essential life skills while fostering a sense of connection, balance, and self-awareness. Through the captivating mats, toys, books, and yoga videos, Soul Mates Kids Yoga aims to guide children on a journey of self-discovery and mindfulness, equipping them with tools for lifelong well-being. 

About the Event:
Facilitated by Kat Shaw and Amy Holden, the Soul Mates Kids Yoga event at LA Fall Previews offers a unique opportunity for attendees to engage in a morning of rejuvenating yoga and mindfulness. Kat Shaw, an internationally acclaimed yoga expert, usually conducts high-demand courses, but this event sponsored by World Alive S.L makes it accessible to all participants for free. The sessions are designed for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels, making it a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone. The event will provide a serene and inspiring environment for industry colleagues and potential clients alike to explore the world of yoga and mindfulness together.

"We believe that yoga is a powerful tool for cultivating physical strength, mental clarity, and emotional balance in children. Our goal is to make these practices accessible and enjoyable for young minds through engaging experiences," says Amy Holden, founder of Soul Mates Kids Yoga. "Our event at LA Fall Previews is an exciting opportunity to share our vision and connect with our community, just unroll and get Omm."

Participants are encouraged to reserve their spot for each day they wish to attend by booking online: BOOK YOGA SESSION HERE

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