Press Release - Soul Mates Kid's Yoga and Mindfulness Eco-Lifestyle Brand Launch 2020

Press Release 18-12-2019


World Alive S.L. launches new eco-lifestyle kid’s yoga and mindfulness brand ‘soul mates’


BARCELONA (18-12-2019) – In 2020 World Alive S.L., the creators of the successful science toy brand ‘Hatch’n’grow your own live aquatic pets Aqua Dragons’ will be entering into new territory by launching a new and innovative eco-lifestyle brand called ‘Soul Mates’. 

Soul Mates mission is to help kids’ activate their bodies and calm their minds, ameliorating the effects of inactivity and overuse of screens with yoga and mindfulness. With this on-trend and novel development, World Alive S.L. aims to tap into the massive international wellness trend towards yoga and mindfulness by adapting the traditional practise into fun toys and playthings for kids ages 3 and up.

The initial offering includes child sized eco yoga mats and storytelling plush pillows with nature themed characters; Sun, Moon, Cloud, Wave, and Earth.

The Soul Mates Eco Yoga Mats – are fun yoga play-mats with animal and nature themed poses embossed on-top so kid’s can just “Just unroll and get Ommm!”


Soul Mates Mindfulness Storytelling Pillows in which the characters tell a whimsical 2-minute story and include short mindfulness exercises. Just “squeeze me to hear my story”.

“This project is very close to my heart and is the culmination of many years of study in perinatal psychology, child development, and mindfulness…I was motivated by my own motherhood, and my personal practise in yoga. I actively searched for, but was unable to find yoga and mindfulness products or simple at home programs that were fun, easy and adapted to children, for my own kids.  So, I felt compelled to develop a fun, flexible and easy program that does not require reading, videos, classes or teachers. Children can play whilst they get great benefits for their physical and mental health, not to mention that their parents and friends can join in to play too.” says Amy Holden, founder, product innovator and developer of Soul Mates. “Our goal was to create fun, healthy toys for kids to play by themselves, with family or in a group that is caring for the environment too, and I believe we have successfully done that.”

“Aware of how most toys quickly end up in landfill, it is World Alive’s objective to develop toys with an extended play pattern that are healthy, educational and ecological. We call this caring for the planet and caring for yourself”

All Soul Mates branded products are made ecologically, and include materials like organic plush, recycled fillers, 100% biodegradable bio-plastics and recycled packaging.

The launch will be supported by a communication campaign including influencers, and competitively priced enough for mass market as well as ideal for specialty and educational. This is a cross category brand; girls, sports/fitness/outdoor, games, plush and impulse with more developments to come in 2021.

See our short video about the line here:

The full initial line of Soul Mates will be on show at Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg Hall 10.0 H03 and at New York Toyfair CF@TF Inventor day event.  World Alive is actively looking for distribution partners and welcomes you to come for a demo at the shows! Please contact for more information.


Contact: Amy Holden

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