Remit Insect Voucher

Remit Voucher

Remit Insect code

Introduce your COMPLETE data in the following form –you must fill all the fields-. You should write correctly your code so that can continue with the process of exchange. (You can see the code in the lower part of your Voucher). Once we receive the information, we will send your eggs of insect in the next days.

Important notice: your insects cannot be a lot of time inside the parcel post; we thank that be attentive to your mailbox, and if you receive a role of notice to collect your package in the post office, responds quickly. We ask you a margin of 3 weeks to receive them, although the majority of the orders they arrive among 7-10 days. While you expect the arrival of your new pets, prepares its arrival and reads the book of activities and instructions and ¡prepares its habitat!

If you have not received your order within 4 weeks, you’ll contact us through our web or way e-mail
* The Voucher only can be changed for insects (once).