FAQ: Stick Insect


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Stick Insect

  1. How many Stick Insects are posted in an order? With your order you will receive 10 eggs inside a test tube that will hatch within 60 days. At least one of these 10 eggs is expected to become an adult that will live between 6 months and 1 year if you take good care of them.
  2. Are eggs available all year? Yes. Eggs shall be available all year unless we are informed by the laboratory that due to extreme temperatures during summer or winter seasons, there may be a short one or two week pause in posting them out.
  3. What should I do if not all eggs hatch? It is normal if some eggs do not hatch (you will receive 10). The majority will hatch however some of them will not survive. Everything is part of the natural process. Otherwise, the world would be full of stick insects!!!
  4. Do Stick Insects need water? Water should be sprayed or dropped into the habitat three or four times per week so they can search for it and drink it. It will be nice to see them drinking!

    Do not give them too much water or they will drown. Be careful!
  5. How is a Stick insect fed? Do not forget Stick insect´s favorite food are rosebushes! We have big and strong Sitck insects and they all like rosebushes. ROSEBUSHES, Yes, yes, yes! Remember leaves should not have pesticides because chemicals could harm them, and they could die!
  6. What happens if insects are recieved dead? People ask us why is a voucher sent in the kit, instead of the insects.

    Read the activity and instruction book to learn how to take care of your insects before you get them. In case insects arrive dead or ill, please contact us through our website info@world-alive.net and order a new delivery to replace them.

    You should also know that it is your responsibility to collect the insects at the post office if the envelope doesn´t fit into your mailbox. Don't be cruel, please collect them as soon as the arrive as they cannot live in the postal container indefinately.

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