FAQ: Buterfly


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  1. How many butterfly larvae are mailed in each order? If you have ordered eggs, you will receive a set of at least 10 eggs laid by the butterfly.

    If you have ordered white butterfly larvae with food, you will receive 5 larvae with their feed.
  2. Looks like my caterpillar is levitating! Caterpillars spin silk to fix themselves in a place when they are preparing to become a pupae. If your caterpillar looks like it is flying don't worry about it it is just hanging from a string of silk!
  3. How should I move the larvae? It is safer to move your larvae on leaf without touching them. If the larvae doesn't move gently use the padded tip tweezers.


    If you still can not move it from the leaf you'd better leave where it is. Place the fresh food nearby. The caterpillar will search for fresh food when it feels hungry.
  4. How much food should I give them? Eggs do not need to be fed. Once they hatch, one fresh cabbage leaves are required every day. Just put the cabbage inside the fridge and replace the leaves daily.

    Butterflies do not eat plants, they drink flowernectar.

    A nectar solution can be made by adding one teaspoon of honey into 300ml of water. Then spritz it over some flowers or plants and put them in the habitat.
  5. What is the natural habitat of White Cabbage Butterfly? They are native of Europe, but have already been introduced in USA and Australia.
  6. What happens to the butterflies once I set them free? They might hang around for a while, but then they will fly away searching for food.
  7. How long does it take for the caterpillars to hatch from the chrysalis? Under normal conditions, hatching will take place after 8 days, although if they don´t get enough light they may hibernate for a period of 3 months.

    Enough light and high temperatures are expected for hatching.

    Leave them close to a window, or in a room with the light switched on if there is not enough natural sunlight.
  8. Are eggs available all year? You need to know that butterfly eggs are sent with temperatures between 6 and 35 degrees. Once they have hatched as butterflies they need higher temperatures, around 12 degrees to survive once set free. Which is why it is recommended to set them free between March and Cctober. During the coolest months of the year is better to keep them inside of their habitat or wait to order the eggs to set them free when they are adults.
  9. Can I place caterpillars collected from my garden inside the habitat? You may place them in your habitat as long as you keep feeding them with the same plant were you found them. There are different kinds of caterpillars and not all of them eat the same food. You will be surprised finding out the kind of butterfly it is when it hatches!
  10. How can I feed my white col butterflie caterpillars? You can feed them with cabbage, mustard leaves, mint or cauliflower but they should be organical and without pesticides. Wash each leaf carefully for a minute if you can not find organic food for your caterpillars. There might be some toxins in regular cabbage that has been grown using pesticide that will make them grow slower compared to the ones fed with organic food, but normally, they can survive if the leaves .
  11. What happens if insects are posted dead? People ask us why is a voucher sent in the kit, instead of the insects.

    Read the activity and instruction book to learn how to take care of your insects before you get them. In case insects arrive dead or ill, please contact us through our website info@world-alive.net and order a new delivery to replace them.

    You should also know that it is your responsibility to collect the insects at the post office if the envelope doesn´t fit into your mailbox. Don't be cruel, please collect them as soon as the arrive as they cannot live in the postal container indefinately.

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