FAQ: Botanicals 'Magic Wishing Plant'


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Botanicals 'Magic Wishing Plant'

  1. What is the ¨Magic Wishing Plant¨? Even though the Magic Wishing Plant looks as though it is dead, as soon as you give it a bit of water it will spring back to life with a green flourish in only a few hours. Have you ever seen a plant grow and turn green right before your very eyes? Even though it looks dead, it´s actually a living plant whose biological system allows it to live for years as a dry, brown bulb when no water is available. As soon as you give it even the tiniest amount of water, you´ll see how quickly it turns into lush green foliage! Best thing of all ? legend has it that this plant has magical powers, so that everytime you bring it back to life by giving it water, it grants you a wish! Try it out and tell us how it went via email.

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