FAQ: Jungle Ants


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Jungle Ants

  1. What is Jungle Ants ? It is an gel ant habitat developped by NASA during an experiment in space in 2003. The goal was to study animal life in space and experiement how ants dig tunnels under microgravity. Antwork´s gel includes everything that your ants need to live. You do not need extra food or water!
  2. How do I add ants to my ant habitat? Open up the habitat and use the stick to dig a few holes. Open up the tube containing the ants and place the opened end near to the gel and transfer the ants carefully into the new habitat.
  3. What should I do if ants die? Not all ants will die at the same time. That will depend on their life cycle. You will observe how the dead ants are left on the surface. You can take them out with the tweezers.

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