FAQ: Aqua Dragons


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Aqua Dragons

  1. Do Aqua Dragons like sunlight? Should I put them toward the sunlight to keep them warm?Aqua Dragons love and respond to sunlight but the light must be natural. The Aqua Dragons should not be placed where they get it directly because the tank would overheat.
  2. Should I change the water frequently?Filtered water should be added when the water level in the tank evaporates and starts to run below the level marker. Do not change the water though! Just add more.
  3. At What temperature should the water be?22 º c would be perfect for your Aqua Dragons, but temperature should be between 21º and 27º.
  4. Should I add more "water purifier" (pouch 1), if water level goes down?No. The tank should be filled up to the normal level. The water purifier must only be added at the begining of the process.
  5. What is the green stuff in the bottom of the tank? Are they dead Aqua Dragons?They are a natural part of their ecosystem. The wastes could be algae, shells, remains, or dead Aqua Dragons.

    Aqua Dragons shed their shells 7 times during their lives. The shells at the bottom of the tank turn dark whereas dead Aqua Dragons look exactly like live ones, they just don't move as much!!

  6. What is that thing coming out from my Aqua Dragons?Well...It is their excrements!
  7. What is that black line across my Aqua Dragons body?It is a digestive tube full of food?everything is allright.
  8. May I place my Aqua Dragons with my fish?Just if you want them to become your fish´s food!!
  9. Could my Aqua Dragons be harmful for any other animal of my ecosystem?Absolutely notl! Just the opposite. Some animals could be dangeorus for your Aqua Dragons. If they removed from their habitat specially prepared with the solution contained in the envelope No. 1, they will die immediatly, therefore they are not dangerous at all.
  10. Why don't my Aqua Dragons look like the ones on the package?The Aqua Dragons illustrations on the package are meant to communicate the fun of the Aqua Dragons environment and are not the actual size or shape found in nature.
  11. Why should I wait 24 hours before placing the eggs in the tank?Because the water purifier needs enough time to clean out bacteria or water impurities that are harmful for your Aqua Dragons.
  12. Why do my Aqua Dragons have different colors?Because your youngest pets change color! They vary from white to red.
  13. Could I use an special fishcontainer to place my Aqua Dragons?Any container can be useful as long as it it clean, transparent and can be filled wth 300 c.c of water. We offer different tank models for Aqua Dragons, some witha light included, with and glowing in the dark parts. All of them come with a magnifying glass to make your Aqua Dragons adventure even more exciting!
  14. My AquaDragons are close together but they do not move. Is there something wrong?There are still many eggs at the bottom of the tank that have not hatched. DO NOT THROWN THEM AWAY. Firstly, try to air the tank out daily during a week and a half. Afterward, look closely and you will see recently borned Aqua Dragons "babies".
  15. I have lost the instructions book. How do I get started?Fill the tank with 300 c.c. of distilled or filtered water and leaft it resting for 24 hours. Add the "water purifier" contained in pouch No 1 and wait another 24 hours. Add envelope number 2 , "Instant Life", and stir it for one minute.

    Tiny baby Aqua Dragons should start appearing in front of your eyes. They are so tiny that you have to wait some hours to a couple of days to find them, but they are there.

    After 5 days, you should start feeding them with the small end of the feeding spoon. Continue feeding them once per week.
  16. The amount of Aqua Dragons in my fishcontainer varies from 2 up to 30! What is wrong?You might be feeding them too much or not supplying enough air to the water in the tank which is why many baby Aqua Dragons are not growing up. If the water is cloudy you are probably feeding your sea monkeys too much. If you give them enough oxygen each day, after two weeks you will notice an increasing the number of adult Aqua Dragons.

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