FAQ: Ants


Answers about frecuenly questions. In this section you´ll found all the frequently asked question related to the our products and services. If you don´t found any your questions and answer here, contact us.


  1. How many ants are posted? You will recieve between 20 and 30 female workers and soldiers inside a tube filled with enough food until they arrive to your house.

    The Queen ant is not included.
  2. How can I feed my ants? If you have a Gel Habitat, you should not add any extra food or water because gel provides them exactly what they need. If you have a sand anthill, read the instructions carefully on how to feed the ants, with crumbs, seeds and other food.
  3. What happens if insects are recieved dead? People ask us why is a voucher sent in the kit, instead of the insects.

    Read the activity and instruction book to learn how to take care of your insects before you get them. In case insects arrive dead or ill, please contact us through our website info@world-alive.net and order a new delivery to replace them.

    You should also know that it is your responsibility to collect the insects at the post office if the envelope doesn´t fit into your mailbox. Don't be cruel, please collect them as soon as the arrive as they cannot live in the postal container indefinately.
  4. Are ants available all year? No. They are available from the second week of january until the 2 week of december, due to extremely cold temperatures and severe congestion at the post-office during this period that causes the death of the larvae.

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